Connect Tipron to Companion App


Launch the smartphone app and connect your smartphone to Tipron, following the onscreen instructions.

  1. Launch the app, if this screen appears, then press the “NEW CONNECTION TO TIPRON” button.
    * If this screen does not appear, go to Menu> System> “Connect to Tipron”.
  2. Confirm your smartphone is connected to a wireless LAN .SSID is shown on the screen when your smartphone is connected.
  3. Tap “NEXT”.
  4. Please press and hold the function button. The LED will start to flash green.Then tap “NEXT”
  5. Read the instructions, then press the “NEXT” button.
  6. Check the SSID, enter the password, and then press “NEXT”.
  7. The QR code contains the SSID and password for Tipron to connect to, hold the QR code in front of Tipron’s camera head.
    The system will sound a sound effect when reading the QR code.
  8. When the system connected to the wireless LAN, the LED will start flashing blue (or while charging, orange.)
    Please press the “OK” button in the app. Wireless LAN connection is now complete.
    * If the Wi-Fi connection is not successful, the LED will flash green. Please check the SSID and password have been entered correctly and try again.

Error code

When an error occurs, Tipron will audibly speak an error code. Check the following list for information about the error and how to resolve it.

000 – WiFi AP not found or authentication failed.

  • Check if SSID name and passphrase are correct.
  • Check that the access point you are connecting to is using the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Confirm that the authentication method is one of WEP, WPA or WPA 2.

001 – Authentication succeeded, but no IP address was assigned by DHCP.

  • Confirm the DHCP function of the router is enabled.
  • Confirm the number of clients connected to the router does not exceed the upper limit.

002 – DHCP assignment succeeded, but cannot communicate with smartphone.

  • Check that the router’s client-to-client communication is enabled (privacy separation functions are disabled).