• The Transforming,
    Internet Connected Projection Robot


    Tipron is a home robot that can automatically project an 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 meters.
    He can move around your home by himself and project content such as movies, pictures and web pages on a wall, floor and ceiling. You can pre-set to him to project when, where and what type of content you’d like to see.

Make your home walls a screen

Tipron automatically moves to the place you want to screen on the wheels he has. You can enjoy watching content wherever you like in your home.

Enjoy movies while relaxing on your bed

Tipron can project at any angle thanks to his fully adjustable projector head. Project content on a wall, floor or ceiling - any flat surface can become a screen.

Moves automatically according to your schedule

Set up just one time and Tipron will move according to your daily schedule. In the morning Tipron can automatically move from the charging station to your bedroom and start projecting the news headlines when you wake up. He will then move to the living room in the evening ready for when you return home.

Tipron augments and improves your home or office

You do not need to prepare a projector. Tipron automatically starts projecting at set times of the day and it automatically goes back to the charging station when the meeting is over based on the schedule. No more wasted preparation time!

Set Tipron to wake you up in the morning. With the scheduling function, Tipron can project your favorite music, movies or images in the bedroom to help you start the day.

You can intelligently manage and project content that changes daily, such as the specials menu at a cafe and restaurant. Outside of peak times, you can set Tipron to play music or project images on a set schedule.

Tipron can project a company's products, services or corporate information at a reception desk to guide guests or work as a PR person in a demo room.

Tipron also is an excellent party host, playing your favorite movies and music, or for example, projecting memorable images for the guests.

By projecting the recipe or how-to video of the dish you want to cook on the wall of your kitchen, you can easily check without stopping to pick up your smartphone or look at your tablet. Smart cooking!

Main features
Project an 80 inch screen
Tipron can automatically project content you'd like to see such as movies or pictures on an 80 inch screen not only on a wall, but also on a floor or ceiling at any angle from a distance of 3 meters.
Image adjustment enables you to enjoy perfect videos on any surface
Automatically adjust the projection quality to view a perfect image with "keystone correction" and "auto focus" features. The features enable Tipron to automatically correct and adjust the image to the optimum visual quality even if the image is projected obliquely or the projection screen is distorted.

Built-in speaker
A built-in 5W speaker means you don't need external speakers to enjoy video content such as movies, TV shows and music videos.
HDMI input that supports HDCP
The HDMI (HDCP compatible) port on Tipron's body enables you play content from external media devices such as DVD or Blu-ray disk players, smartphones or game consoles. That means you can enjoy copyright-protected content such as movies, music and games, as well as video streaming services.

USB memory stick video playback and PDF image display
Tipron supports playback of movies and display of images from PDF files saved on an USB memory stick. It is also possible to loop saved videos or images for continuous playback.
Compatible with wireless streaming devices
Power can be supplied to devices via the USB port. This allows wireless streaming devices such as Chromecast to be connected without the need for a separate power source or any extra cables.

Built-in YouTube support
Internet connectivity allows Tipron play and project YouTube via its internal player. You can also schedule YouTube videos to play at the times you choose.
News reader function to check and project the latest information quickly
Using the built-in RSS reader function, it is easy to display information such as news, weather forecasts and Twitter feeds. The news can also be set to scroll automatically.

Automatic charging
Tipron returns to it’s charging station automatically and starts charging himself after finishing all scheduled actions. He can also return to recharge when his battery is low*1. *1 Only supported when operating in scheduled mode.
4 hours of battery operating time
When projecting away from the charging station, the internal battery allows Tipron to operate for 2 hours. By adding a second battery (sold separately) Tipron can operate for approx. 4 hours with needing to recharge*2. *2 When brightness is 50%. If brightness is 100% operating time will be 3 hours.

The Tipron application is compatible with both iOS and Android. You can easily control operations such as schedule presetting, manual operation, keystone correction and auto focus via the easy to use graphical interface.

Display size / Image input
Max. 80 inch (at 3m projection distance) / HDMI (HDCP compatible), USB
Max. Resolution/Projector brightness
HD (1280×720) / Max250lm
Image adjustment
keystone correction, auto focus
Projector range of movement
up/down (pitch axis) -35/+90 degrees, left/right (yaw axis) ±90 degrees, rotation (roll axis) ±90 degrees
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
App OS Support
Android 4.4〜(supported), iOS10.0〜(recommended)
Battery / Connection Terminal
5,900mAh (per battery) / USB (battery charging)
Operating Time / Charging Time
Approx. 4 hours (with two batteries) / Approx. 2 hours (per battery) * When brightness is 50%. If brightness is 100% operating time will be 3 hours.
W300mm x D340mm x H420mm (compact mode)
W300mm x D330mm x H810mm (after transforming)
Approx. 9.5kg
Equipped sensors
IR distance camera, Depth sensor, Video/still camera (5MP)