Set once and go

After setting up just one time, he will automatically move from the charging station to a pre-set location at the scheduled time. There is no need to control him. You can relax on your bed, couch or chair while he projects what you want to see, then automatically he goes back to the charging station when finished. ▶︎ Online Manual

A fixture of home

Tipron waits in a compact state when not in action, so will not get in the way of everyday life. Only when you need to project, will Tipron move to the place you want to screen and transform. Even if there are obstacles when moving Tipron will stop to avoid collisions, giving peace of mind to families with small children.

Anyone can easily use the app

Saved locations and schedules can easily be registered from the companion smartphone application. In addition to selecting presets, you can switch to manual operation. Manual operation allows you to move Tipron, change the orientation of the screen, adjust the volume of the built-in speaker, switch the content to be projected and more.

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Tipron Spec
Display size / Image input
max. 80 inch (at 3m projection distance) / HDMI (HDCP compatible), USB
Max. Resolution/Projector brightness
HD (1280×720) / Max250lm
Image adjustment
keystone correction, auto focus
Max. resolution / Projector brightness
HD (1280×720) / Max250lm
Projector range of movement
up/down (pitch axis) -35/+90 degrees, left/right (yaw axis) ±90 degrees, rotation (roll axis) ±90 degrees
Wireless LAN
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
App OS Support
Android / iOS TBA
Battery / Connection Terminal
5,900mAh (per battery) / USB (battery charging)
Charging time / Operating time
approx. 2 hours (per battery) / approx. 2 hours (per battery)
W300mm x D340mm x H420mm (compact mode)
W300mm x D330mm x H810mm (after transforming)
Approx. 9.5kg
Equipped sensors
IR distance camera, Depth sensor, Video/still camera (5MP)

* Subject to change during development

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