Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, registered actions (moving / transformation / screen adjustment) are performed by Tipron.
When registering an action, it is necessary to first perform the operation in manual mode. After registration, it is possible to call up each action.

Position Addition

Register the path of movement for automatic mode from the charging station to the destination position.

  1. In order to start adding a position, make sure that Tipron is connected to the charging station.
  2. Tap the “Position” tab, then tap the “Add Position” button.
  3. Confirm the message about position addition, then tap the “START MOVING” button.
  4. Move the system to the destination using manual operation. During this time backward movements are restricted
  5. Tap the transform button to start projection.
  6. Adjust the screen position.
  7. Tap the “Add ” button, then Tipron will transform back to move mode.
  8. Move Tipron close to charging station. Then, tap the “DOCKING START” button.
  9. Read the message and tap “YES”.
  10. While the system is docking, input a position name.
  11. When docking finishes, tap the “SAVE ROUTE” button.

Automatic route playback

The “Position” tab lists all registered positions. Select a registered position and the start button will be displayed, tap the start button then Tipron will move to the registered position and start projecting automatically.

When you need to finish projecting and return to the charging station, tap the “Charging Station” button in the “Position” tab and then tap the “Start Moving” button.